AFT Awards 1 of 7 National Innovation Grants to BTU Members

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In its 2nd year of operation, the AFT Innovation Fund awarded Boston one of its seven 2010 grants.

The grant was a group project of the BTU Professional Issues Committee, and led by Ted Chambers, Kevin Qazilbash and Tracy Young.  In their words:

"Our ultimate goal is to bring teams of great teachers together to create great lessons that are aligned to the standards and can be downloaded by other teachers.  We also intend to create videos of teachers delivering these lessons. In today's digital age, teachers should not be forced to create their own great lessons by themselves every single day. They should be able to go online and find entire units of great lessons that they can download. These lessons will help support new teachers as they struggle to manage the sometimes overwhelming work load, as well as provide a new professional development tool that will allow teachers to collaborate on creating great lessons to share with other teachers.


This is a one year planning grant so that the team can identify partners and resources, and create a prototype of these lesson units.

We congratulate the BTU members who initiated the grant and commend them for their ideas and initiative.