For Paraprofessionals

Paraprofessionals provide critical support and assistance to teachers and other professional staff members. They work in classrooms, provide specialized one-on-one supervision for students with special needs and other critical support work.

Below is a summary of some of the major benefits and rights that all members of the paraprofessional bargaining unit enjoy. You can also view and download a summary of the contractual benefit package for all paraprofessionals here.

Salary and Financial Package

Salary Step Placement Year 4: 2/1/2010 – 8/31/2016

Basic Paraprofessional Rate: 3%
For salaries in effect as of 9/1/10, an additional 1% on base as of 2/1/10

 STEPBase30 Credits60 Credits90 CreditsBA
Step 1 (basic rate)16.1117.4718.7520.0121.34
Step 2 (after 3 yrs)16.5117.8419.1520.4621.79
Step 3 (after 6 yrs)16.9018.2619.5920.8722.20
Step 4 (after 9 yrs)17.2718.6719.9421.2922.61






Security, Library, and Surround Care (PM) Rate, 1 to 1 Paras

 STEPBase30 Credits60 Credits90 CreditsBA
Step 1 (basic rate)19.88




Step 2 (after 3 yrs)20.3121.6422.9324.2425.56
Step 3 (after 6 yrs)20.7022.0223.3924.6926.01
Step 4 (after 9 yrs)21.0522.4623.7225.0826.41






Community Field Coordinator Rate

 STEPBase30 Credits60 Credits90 CreditsBA
Step 1 (basic rate)26.3227.6929.0030.2631.59
Step 2 (after 3 yrs)






Step 3 (after 6 yrs)27.1328.5029.8031.10


Step 4 (after 9 yrs)27.6128.9330.1631.5532.88







Paraprofessionals no longer have to apply for step increase. However, paraprofessionals still do have to apply for career awards

Note: the daily rate for paraprofessionals who work six hours and ten minutes is the hourly rate times 6.17; the daily rate for paraprofessionals who work seven hours and fifteen minutes is the hourly rate times 7.27; and the daily rate for paraprofessionals who work eight hours is the hourly rate time eight.

A surround care paraprofessional shall be paid $6.00 per hour in additional to the regular wage for up to two and a half hours per day if required to take students in excess of the regular class size for that grade level.

Basic Para Rate Schedule

Community Rate ScheduleSecurity Rate Schedule


Paraprofessional Career Awards    

After  9 years    $2,350
After 14 years    $2,850
After 19 years    $3,350
After 24 years    $3,850
After 29 years    $4,350

(Make sure you find the correct career awards in your paycheck. If not, file a PS0-3 form with HR. Seek retroactivity to the first date you should have reached your award. You can obtain a PS0-3 at your school or by downloading. It is suggested that you hand-deliver all important documents (such as this) to Court Street, 3rd floor, Human Resources. Bring in two copies of each document, and ask the clerk to date stamp both. Retain one copy for your records.)
Miscellaneous Financial

Paraprofessionals who are certified as a teacher or have 5 or more years of service may be requested to substitute for the teacher in their own classrooms, and will receive $6.00 per hour in addition to their regular pay.

Paras have a new Bachelor's Salary Lane added on 9/1/07.

Paras with 5+ years are eligible for a $500 yearly tuition reimbursement.

If you have college credits, you must submit an official college transcript to the Office of Human Resources in order to receive your correct pay rate.

Your documentation MUST be accompanied by an "PSO-3" form requesting the new salary step. Do not wait to file these forms, as credit is retroactive under only certain conditions. (Do NOT assume that the recruitment office or anyone else who may have your credentials on file has forwarded any of your credentials to the proper authority for processing. You have to follow up on this yourself.) As always, feel free to call me for a full explanation.

All credentials and applications must be filed with the Office of Human Resources directly, preferably in person. Do not rely on your building administrator to do this for you. For all important personnel submissions to Court Street, the following is STRONGLY advised: Do not mail, either by interdepartmental mail or by U.S. mail. Instead, hand-deliver two copies of each document to the Office of Human Resources, which is on the 3rd floor. Have all copies date-stamped, and retain one of each copy.

Working Conditions/Length of Work Day

The work day for all paraprofessionals shall be either six hours and ten minutes, seven hours and fifteen minutes, or eight hours.

Paraprofessionals shall have a duty free lunch of at least thirty minutes scheduled at a reasonable time as the schedule for the school permits. In addition, paraprofessionals now get a 10 minute break during the day.

Paraprofessionals are eligible for job-sharing.

Sick and Personal Days

Commencing with the first year of service (following a ninety-day probationary period) and annually thereafter, each September, fifteen (15) days of sick leave shall be granted to each paraprofessional in actual service on or before October 1 st of that year. Two (2) personal days are also granted each year.

Unused sick and personal days accumulate year to year. You may use personal day(s) for any reason with notice to the building administrator. You need not give a reason for requesting a personal day, and you may take the day(s) anytime you wish. (There are a few minor contractual restrictions regarding the use of personal leave. Consult your building representative for a full explanation.)

Also, days are given for bereavement. For a complete list, please consult the contract.

Health Benefits

Health Insurance

Health insurance is provided to the membership through the city of Boston's Group Insurance Office at (617) 635-4570. Call that number for more information or visit the office at Boston City Hall, Room 807. Or visit the BPS website.

You have only 60 calendar days from your first day of service to register. The 60 days is FIRM. Sign up for health insurance  calling (617) 635-4570.

Health insurance coverage is delayed by city contract; if you sign up for coverage in August, it won’t normally begin until October 1.

You can only change plans during the next Open Enrollment period, which occurs in the Spring for health insurance that will take effect on July 1st .

Health and Welfare Plan

The BTU's Health and Welfare Plan includes eye care, dental care, legal care, and a sick and personal leave plan. Visit the Health and Welfare Fund's website for more information. For enrollment in the plan, call the Health and Welfare Office at (617) 288-5883. Ask for a brochure which gives a detailed explanation of all benefits. Or visit their offices are next door to the BTU offices at the BTU union hall.

Other Benefits

Tremont Credit Union

Paras are also eligible to join the Tremont Credit Union, with offices located at BTU headquarters and at the Braintree Executive Park, 150 Grossman Drive, Braintree, MA 02184. Through the Credit Union you may authorize payroll deductions for savings and checking, arrange for a loan, and take care of many other banking needs. To join, bring $25.00 and a pay stub or a copy of your individual contract to either office and fill out an application. For more information, call(781) 843-5626.

Joining th BTU

All of the above benefits have come as a result of collective bargaining between the BTU and the Boston School Committee. As exclusive bargaining agent, the BTU negotiates the contract, enforces the contract, and promotes the general welfare of the membership.

Each school has Union building representatives, elected to serve the staff in the building in dealings with the administration. The building representative is also the first line of communications between the building staff and the Union office. Many questions can be easily and quickly answered at the building level by asking the building representative. 

Joining with nearly 7,000 others makes us a stronger union, better able to help each of us. We encourage you to join. If you haven't already filled out a membership application, please ask your union building representative for one.

Union dues for 2014 - 2015 are: on 21 checks – $29.15; $23.55 if on 26 paychecks.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about union operations and member benefits.