The Pauline Agassiz Shaw is a new school in an old building, reopened just this year with six K0-K2 classes. This seems very appropriate since the school is named after a woman responsible for funding the first kindergarten classes in Boston! Located just off Morton Street in Dorchester, the Shaw will become a K-5 school over the next several years.

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The William Monroe Trotter Innovation School serves 400+ students, K-6, with plans for expanding to 8th grade over the next couple of years. Built in 1969, its unusual design consists of five interconnected two-story buildings stretched along Humboldt Avenue in Roxbury. 

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Just off Broadway in South Boston, Condon Elementary School serves approximately 800 students in grades K1-5. Large illustrated signs explicitly described behavior for common areas according to the four “Condon Style” expectations: be respectful, be responsible, be safe, and be kind. The staff clearly models those school-wide norms.

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An imposing pale stone fortress, Brighton High School sits high on a hill behind St. Elizabeth Hospital. Serving over one thousand students, it still manages to create a “small school” atmosphere in classes where teachers pay attention to individual needs.

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The Holmes Elementary School sits inside a triangle of one-way streets in a residential area of Dorchester not far from Franklin Park. Beautiful tiles adorn the walls of the first floor corridor featuring children’s names and drawings. When I asked staff members what they like best about the Holmes, first-year teachers as well as veterans expressed appreciation for the teamwork and professionalism of their colleagues.

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The Rogers, one of only five middle schools left in Boston, is right off Hyde Park Avenue near River Street. With rowing machines and the support of a coach from Community Boating, students learn how to row properly and in tandem. They’ll get to go rowing on the Charles River in the spring! 

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A turtle, a lizard, a fish, crickets, a dove, and a full-size rowing skiff greet you as you walk into the large entrance area of the Haley Pilot School in Roslindale. The Haley is a full inclusion pilot school that uses its budget autonomy to make sure there are two teachers in every classroom.

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Boston Adult Technical Academy's mission is to meet the needs of students aged 19-22 who have recently entered the US or returned after dropping out of school. In recognition of their success with meeting the needs of an extremely diverse, English language learning population, the school received the 2014 Office of English Language Learners Acquisition Award from the Newcomers Assessment and Counseling Center.

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It was a treat to visit just about every classroom during the first week of the school year at the Curley K-8 School in Jamaica Plain. The Curley has a new set of school-wide expectations that came out of School Climate meetings throughout last year, creating a common language for the first time since it became K-8 school: “We care about ourselves. We care about each other. We care about our school.

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It was a joy to watch kindergarteners engaged in active play at the Ellison-Parks Early Education School, just one block from Mattapan Square. A compact brick building dedicated in 1998, it houses just twelve classroomsone SEI and one Inclusion class at each grade level, K0-3.

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The McKinley South End Academy is an alternative school for 178 middle and high school students with severe behavioral challenges.  I felt truly welcomed by everyone and appreciated the opportunity to showcase the learning that goes on in this school.

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The Community Academy of Science and Health (CASH) is located near Fields Corner in Dorchester. It is the one surviving “small school” from the former Hyde Park High School Complex, and moved into the former Grover Cleveland building three years ago.

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On the “far side” of West Roxbury and less than a mile apart, the Beethoven (K-2) and the Ohrenberger (3-8) have been transformed over the past few years into a K-8 “Pathway School” serving nearly 1,000 students.

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Classes at Mission Hill K-8 are project-based, multi-grade, and served by a lead teacher plus one or more assistants, including parent and community volunteers. The school's more than 200 students gather for a weekly community meeting on Friday mornings. This is a school with a focus on habits of mind, practicing democratic processes rather than test-taking skills.

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Word study and movement are valued at Curtis Guild Elementary School in East Boston, located near Belle Isle Marsh. Nearly 90% of the school's 300 students are Latino, and many are English language learners. Teachers are happily focused on the children throughout the school.

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Snowden International High School, where classes are held in two buildings near Copley Square, has always taught several world languages (currently Japanese, Mandarin, French and Spanish). Snowden has recently added an International Baccalaureate Program, which helps give this academically challenging program even more focus and inspiration.

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